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Week of Mikey's birthday! And SNOW... Mon, Feb. 10, 2014

Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 3:02 PM
Week of Mikey's birthday!

So, this week has been the longest of my mission, if not my life. It feels like it's been at least a month since I got to email home. First off, I should tell you a couple of things as kind of a disclaimer: 1. Nothing in this email will be made up, no stories, nothing to lead you astray, it legit happened. 2. This week has been super rough, and very very sad, so, you may want to sit down. It is full of emotion....

So, to start the week off, we had monday, our P-day! We went to the Stake Center and played some basketball with a TON of elders, well, they did! I decided I had better catch up in my journal! After seeing the APs there, I knew President was inbound, so I decided to write in my journal. One of Elder Peterson's former companions also didn't want to play, so I talked with him. His name is Elder Schmidt, his reputation precedes him, for I have learned a lot about him from Elder Peterson. He was in men's chorus at BYU, and has been out just over a year. That's all you need to know.... well, of course, President and Sister Morby showed up to play some basketball! He was in a suit, but had on basketball shoes, it was wonderful! I wish I had my camera because it was quite the sight, and the elders had no mercy on him. One of his APs was on his team, Elder Hunsaker, who had been my zone leader just before going AP, and Hunsaker played for USU before coming out, he's about as tall as a lamp post ;) It was fun to watch, but I didn't want to embarrass myself against such skill, buuuuuuut, after watching for awhile, I wish I was playing, I coulda held my own very well, but oh well, I decided that catching up in my journal was important (with the way time has been going, it has been difficult recently to write a lot, and given what's gone on, no better time to write than now :P). We had dinner with the Rice's, and had this delicious food like always, and then went to the Michael's! In which Michael came up with the analogy we requested of relating the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end) to football. He thought about it, and came up with an analogy, but it came at a price, we had to tell him the loop-hole for facebook when it comes to viewing hidden pictures haha, so he saw most of the pictures of us on facebook as a result, but we didn't give him full control, he does not at this time have access to my "Gollum covers Rebecca Black Friday" video.... ha! He spent all night trying to search for it! And his sister tried to help him by telling him he needed to add somebody specifically, then based on the hint I gave her, reached the wrong conclusion! Michael now thinks (because they messed up my hint) that he needs to search Laura's (yup, my oldest sister) wall to find the video... he spent hours searching, and Laura, I'm glad that you would tweet and post a lot back in 2011, because it was mega frustrating him, he would say: "How am I supposed to find it if there are a lot of posts per day??" something like that. It was fantastic! And we shared a video about the Temple.

Ok, now we have to back track, and here comes the rough city.... so, on Sunday, Jeanne and El weren't at Church... we called them to make sure they were OK, and if we could still meet for our lesson that day at about 5, well, they said that Jeanne was sick, and was coughing weird stuff (green, yeah I know TMI) up, and that's why they weren't there, and wanted us not to come over as to avoid getting sick. We asked her if we could give her a blessing, and she said yes, so we said: "Ok, we'll be over at 5." and bless her heart she said: "Can't you just give it to me over the phone? I don't want you to get sick" it was hilarious, but we reacted very calmly as we explained that it doesn't quite work that way haha, but we went over a couple hours later. As we sat around the table at her house, we asked her who she wanted to annoint, and who she wanted to give the actual blessing, well....... I had a feeling something like this would happen.... but she asked me to do both :P yeesh lol, talk about stress! Well, we anointed, and then proceeded to start the blessing, but she had to get up and run to the bathroom just as we started the actual blessing (after the sealing of the anointing)... never had that happen before... but she came back later and was fine, so we just started the sealing of the anointing over again. It went fine! The blessing was good, and words came to my mouth, and we shook their hands, told them we'd see them on Friday, and left the house!

Ok, now to Tuesday.... Tuesday was the day that we got our I-PADS YEAH BUDDY!!!! So we had this huge meeting we had to go to, in the which we would learn about them, get them etc. So we were pumped. It was cold up here that day, and the way it worked out, is we used the Orenco sister's car, and took the district leader and his companion of the other district in the zone, and the orenco sisters went with cedar mill sisters. Either way, Peterson drove us up there. But, the CD player was busted -_-, I was so pumped to listen to music on the way up, but the player was busted, and it made the ride even more awkward then it became.... Here comes the brutal part.... just as we pick up the other Elders, we receive word that Jeanne, had.... passed away that morning..... It was incredibly sad, especially the circumstances surrounding it, but it was incredibly crushing to learn of, that the woman that I had baptized, that I had given a blessing that healed her to the point where she could be baptized, and I had given her a blessing just two days previous, but yet, she passed! Besides her husband, Peterson and I and the ward mission leader were some of the last to see her alive..... that knew her at least.... So, we get that call, right as these other two elders (who are super happy and pumped mind you) get in the car. I hang up, and give elder peterson the news, and like a balloon exploding, the enthusiasm left the car, and because the stupid CD player was broken, we had a long 20 minute drive in silence to the I-pad meeting...... Oh my word..... So yeah, Jeanne has passed into the Spirit world, and she picked one heck of a time to go too! We hadn't finished teaching her the new member discussions! How are we supposed to do a hand off with the Spirit World Elders, when we can't see them??? And our teaching records are being digitized now, so good luck to them to try and use it hahahaha, oh well, she left the mission now, THEY will figure out how to finish them :P So yeah, a real damper just before the I-pad meeting. But, we got the I-pads, set them up and everything, and then were told that we would need to input our area books into them. AAAHHH!!!! Our area book is HUGE! and they want us to enter in every single person in it, all the lessons they've been taught, EVERYTHING that is in the book. And it needs to be done by the 24th! We have people in our book that have been taught for 6+ years! Sheesh! It's been quite the job. Thankfully there is an option to speak stuff, but it is FAR from perfect, I will email my favorite mishap it did to me. It turned the Book of Mormon into Pokemon..... hahahahah whaaaat? Well anyways, on wednesday we went over to see El, and see how he was doing, and how we could help, and we shared a message with him (using our ipads, which was cool) and then we looked through all of his pictures of Him and Jeanne, and all the pictures he had of her, in preparation for the memorial for her we had this morning, that's why this is coming in now! And even still, for these computers we are pressed for time, so I am flying through this! Yeah I know, we can send emails from the i-pad, but I type faster on this, and can't send pictures via i-pad, sooooo yeah!

Thursday made things even worse (as if they weren't bad already :P) we were doing our facebook time, when we see a post by the other guy we baptized and taught recently, and you know how I mentioned that he may have gone off the deep end? Yeah, he's gone! After a loooooong discussion, there is still hope for him, but for the time being, his anger is clouding his judgment, and Satan is attacking him. It's never too late, but this young padawan is heading the wrong direction. I feel like Obi Wan, who trained Anakin, and now this, but unlike Obi Wan, we will not chop his limbs off and turn him into Darth Vader hahaha, but he is turning into Darth Vader for the same reasons Anakin did, women and anger... yikes, it was super crushing then too, but ooooh boy we got him! The spirit of discernment is great! And ok, judge all you want, but after the conversation started, we were running out of ammo fast.... so, Elder Peterson decided to go onto, and talked with the missionaries online, so we said things like our guy expecting help, and boy oh boy did we get it. It was hysterical, and probably inspired... but they said that they had a prompting that something good would come from their chat. And it did. They said some super inspired stuff that really helped our guy, and everything that happened with them and him was great, we still have hope for him. Even Darth Vader came back to the light side at the end, so there is still hope for our guy too!

Well, upon finishing with our guy, we get a red alert call.... The Lock-down has started.... oh my goodness, it was terrible, we couldn't leave for the rest of Thursday, and Friday, Friday we did get to go shovel the church, but that was IT! Saturday was all shoveling too! Good grief Charlie Brown! A little bit of snow made everyone panic.... however, I will give it to them, the ice that arrived later proved to be a worthy foe. Sunday we even got quarantined! Church was cancelled! So all in all, a pretty rough week, but we had the i-pads and the area book to keep us busy. Every time somebody got mad at us for having i-pads we would say that we: "use our time playing Angry Birds: Old Testament style. We knock down the walls of Jericho, in the Book of Mormon one, you try and hit Samuel the Lamanite!" Yup, yours truly is very quick intellectually to come up with those on the spot ;)

We've also played some ticket to ride among other games, and I did win one game with 161 points. Not too shabby, but not as good as Rebekah Glew! It was my first game I've ever won of that though I think... either way, it was fun. Also on Saturday we shoveled the Dornblasers driveway, and then ended up shoveling their neighbors across the street (no real reason :) just for fun) but, these Oregonians... DON'T EVEN OWN SHOVELS HALF THE TIME! That's why on Facebook you see me with a broom, and Peterson with a squeegee. So... yeah, awkward doing driveways with those, but it was funny. While doing the non-members driveway, I heard her get on the phone (she talks really loud, and she accidentally left her window open) and she was telling somebody about us! She hadn't even come out yet, but she was on the phone: "Two guys are shoveling my driveway!!! What's going on? Why are they nice??" stuff like that. She was super grateful, and it was one heck of a time :) It worked well, we did end up borrowing a shovel from Don, but the snow hugged it, so it was rough city.

This morning we had the memorial for Jeanne. It was at ten, and last night at 8:40 p.m. we got asked to sing in it. So we came together and sang 292 Oh My Father. It was great! I also had to give the closing prayer. We had quite the turnout! Not as much as is typical, but more than we thought! It was inspiring and good, and the Plan of Salvation was taught and we had non-members, so we will see what fruits come from that if any.... We went shopping, and now, here I am! With a lot of pictures to send! I must also say, that the lock-down gave the sister's cabin fever. They kept burning themselves on stuff and then tried to ask permission to walk a long ways to get toilet paper from a member... ugh! The Zone Leaders were cruel lol, and said: "Nope, we don't care if you use towels or rugs, President said no leaving today" hahahahaha, we felt so bad, but we knew the sisters were yanking our chain a little bit to try and get out of the house.... With church being cancelled yesterday, we didn't have a meeting, but we did have a devotional at the Carstens, some people came (next door neighbors) and the sisters, who gave a devotional. It was great.

So, all in all, it's been a rough week, but somehow I can't deny the happiness I feel. It's weird, I feel terrible that I don't feel terrible, and I did for a while, but now... I'm so full of Hope! I don't know how to describe it! It's definitely the Lord helping me, and maybe the denial has come back. So much bad stuff happened this week that maybe I just don't know how to cope except to be happy and hopeful? Who knows! Either way, keep up the good work, and I love you all! Have a good week! :) There is a life after this, and this life is but an instant, and we WILL live again, and we CAN LIVE with God again, because of Jesus Christ, I love him, and I know this. Peace out ya'll!

-Elder Wilkinson

ok, some pictures attached too :)

So we have Pokemon Replaced for Book of Mormon, and we have the stand at Jeanne's memorial today! And, continuing my tradition of wearing the sunglasses of whoever's car we use haha :) anyways, peace!

Continuing my tradition of wearing the sunglasses of whoever's car we use haha :) anyways, peace!

So we have Pokemon Replaced for Book of Mormon

We have the stand at Jeanne's memorial today!

My scarf selfie, where I try to strike a feminine pose... judge all you want, I decided to send the one with the flash, because the others I just look way more ridiculous.
This other one is me haaaaaaappy to eat the soup! My word that was great :) I bought this whole grain bread or something or other for it. Basically just messing around :)

Is the hall of fame for his chair that died, we hung it up so that the Carstens would witness it's death!

I have these little hilarious videos showing what it was like to have the snow arrive, but alas, they are just too big, so I will have to dropbox them eventually, but when I do, watch in the order of their names, You have to, it's hilarious, on a bright note though, thanks to modern technology and compression, allow me to share with you, the Death, of Elder Peterson's chair! It is also on the SD card Rebekah has, along with some other gems which she can tell you about...

Who says you can't build a fort on the mission??? ;)

Our terrific member Monte, isn't he hilarious??

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