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Quatamatastic Tuesday February 25, 2014

Tuesday February 25, 2014 at 2:06 PM

First off, Elder Jordan, you can scroll right to the bottom to see what I put that you'll hopefully appreciate, it's the last two words in the email, you don't need to trudge through this haha!

So, as you probably figured out, Transfers were yesterday... and yes, my companion, Elder Peterson left. He is now serving in the Farmington ward... weird huh? He just missed Jessica! :) It's pretty cool. He's got a mini van and will be a great zone leader for that stake. He will be greatly missed. Melissa helped me out and sent me the speech from Lord of the Rings that Sam says to Frodo, where he convinces him that there is still some good in this world, and that it's worth fighting for. I shared that with him before he left. It was cool!

Ok, flashback time! Last monday... seems like forever ago! I was being super weird with the emails as you learned, it was a zone p-day that involved a bunch of little kids that showed up for a birthday party? It was way whacked up, and nobody knew any rules to anything... soooooo, yeah, pure chaos! I don't think I'll be going to another one of those! Too contentious.... We had dinner with the Rice's though, that was cool! And we visited the Bangeters. I can't spell the name, but it's like that one highway in Utah, they are related. We had dinner with them many moons ago, and learned that they know my young men's president from back home, Brother and Sister Johnson, so that's cool! :) And, she showed us some pictures of Brother Johnson doing powder Puff... that was interesting hahahahahahahaha, oh boy, he'd be mad to know that we saw those!

Tuesday we went by Mary's, and she had been working on fixing some of elder peterson's stuff, she fixed a tie, and patched a hole in a jacket, and they looked great, but knowing her excellent sewing skills, I asked her if she could help me take in two shirts, she obliged, and on Friday we went over and picked those up, and they turned out wonderfully :) It's very nice, and they fit so much better now! There was waaaay too much fabric in them lol. Tuesday night we also went by and saw Michael and his family. We learned that his favorite movie is Frozen, and he was going nuts singing the song! I'm looking forward to watching it when I get home, it sounds pretty amazing. We also had zone meeting that morning, and there should hopefully be pictures in the Elder Wilkinson folder from that, because I forgot to put my memory card back in, so the pictures I took there are just on the camera haha! Hopefully it worked!

Wednesday we went over to clean Elbert's house, but it was pretty clean already, I just dusted and cleaned this china hutch for an hour..... -_- everybody else walked around and could hardly find anything to do because it was so neat and clean, but nope, I found the one thing that hadn't been opened for probably decades hahaha, there was like tape on the glass? It was rough city, that's for sure, but I got it done :) It didn't look any different, but I knew it was cleaner, I removed a lot of stuff that you wouldn't even have originally noticed, so the effort may have been wasted on a beauty side, but on the cleanliness side, it's looking waaaaaaaaaay better :)

Thursday was non-eventful in the slightest, so we can move on ;) Friday! Thursday night we had exchanges, so Elder Hendricksen came to the area, and Peterson left again -_-, that makes the 5th exchange in a row where I've stayed. I've yet to go to another area on an exchange... so I was not very happy at first. But oh my word, it was the most inspired thing ever. I was pretty close to accusing Peterson of sabotage ;) and mutiny ;), but then I learned that the Zone Leaders had prayed about this decision, so we went with it.... So, Elder Hendricksen is pretty much the most powerful missionary out here. We planned that night, and then went to sleep, and he told me a couple stories which were pretty cool, and then in the morning, we went for one last workout with our marine friend Eli. And I had "poked the beast" the day before, pretending to be Peterson so that Eli would work us to death, and he did. However, thursday night I learned that Hen didn't bring workout clothes -_-, and he's a big guy, he has inches on me in every direction... so what did I do? Yup, you didn't guess it, but he wore my treebeard shorts and tall yellow tee. and it fit him perfectly, which made me feel extremely weird... I have a picture of him in the outfit, but the hardware I have to plug my memory card into the computer doesn't like to work with this computer.... ugh, I will have to figure something out.... But anyways, we went on the exchange and had a great time. The workout sucked, and Eli and Hen died, well, Eli "cheated", he definitely wasn't doing 50 of everything like he was supposed to, and I died hahaha, sooooo, yeah, it was great! I made it farther than Hen though, so that was a great esteem builder for me ;) But the rest of the day was insane. There is a lady that showed up on our i-pads through what is called "Re-assignment" so technically a referral? but without the actual procedure? I'm not entirely sure, but her name is Linda, and we were planning on going to see what's up. Her teaching record said that she hadn't been taught in about 1104 days or something, basically 3 years ago, January 29th, 2011, whatever that ends up being. So, we decided to stop by. We are all pumped feeling super excited to go see her, and we are walking, talking about what best to do when street contacting someone, talking about perfect circumstances, and how important it is to talk to everyone, and then a super awkward "hi" yeah "excuse me" "we keep getting in each others way" happens.... sooooooo, off to a good start! We see a guy vacumming his car, Hen says to go talk to him, so we go over and start up a conversation. Sweet guy, didn't need any help (I'm beginning to think that nobody does lol) and he is expecting a baby in a few weeks, so it was super cool! Well, Hendricksen bears this awesome testimony, and then we start talking about religion, and the guy closes up faster than a clam, and harder than a crocodile, he was not going to read the Book of Mormon.... awk. So, we carry on towards Linda's. we are walking on the sidewalk on one side of the street, and we see a guy doing something with a fence and a bunch of poles, and a drill, but we are on the other side of the street walking... then I realize that we were going the long way there, and to go the short way we needed to turn around, so we cross the street, and head for the guy with the fence. We ask if we can help, and....... what does he say? Yeah I know, weird, but he said yes! So we hoist all this wood and hold in it place so he can drill stuff back together, apparently his fence had blown down. So, he finished what he needed with us, had more to do, but it was a one man job, he said that he had stuff we could help him with, but he wouldn't be doing it til later, so of course we say we will come back, and head to linda's. Nothing came from anything up til Linda's, so I'll skip ahead. We go up to her door and knock. This guy comes up to the door, we start to get excited! He looks and sees us, reads the nametag, lifts up a finger, and waving it, turns and goes back in :( awkward. ha yeah... So, I'm ready to head back, but Hendricksen says that we need to knock some doors... I was confused, considering that we had scheduled tracting for later, but was definitely willing, so we are knocking doors, and nothing is coming of it, only a couple people answer, and then don't want to hear us. But, this is the kicker, and the weirdest miracle of all... we are sitting on the corner of this street, and Elder Hendricksen had told me he felt very strongly we needed to knock those doors, so, we were going down the line, and his feeling told him to keep going, we end up at one street, and then I realize: "Oh shoot, we are in Reedville's area" Hendricksen learned this, but because he's zone leader said: "I give you permission to leave the zone temporarily" and we didn't know why we were there, Hen couldn't shake the feeling that somebody was waiting. We learned that this street is only accessible to the the reedville missionaries if they first leave their zone. It's a cul-de-sack (I haven't the first clue how to spell that haha, I thought it was culdesache, but that's wrong...) with only a few homes in it, because we are out of our area, we sat for awhile trying to figure out where to go. my gaze keeps getting drawn to this one house, but I figured he was the one being guided, so I wouldn't say anything, pretty soon, I see him staring at it too. We are just about to make up our minds when a car comes down the street. We pretend to check our watches so we "don't notice" but guess what? Yup, the car goes the the house I had been looking at. No.... way.... did that just happen? So, we are pretty positive that we are supposed to go there. So we do! At first we knocked a few doors so it wouldn't be super awkward, but nobody answered, and that was weird, but we get to this house, we knock, and this lady comes to the door, we start up a conversation, we're talking, and then after things start getting spiritual, she tells us that she is a member. But she is incredibly inactive. Her words. She hasn't been to church in over ten years, and we were the first missionaries who have stopped by her house since she moved in more than 10 years ago.... whaaaaaaa? So, we got her name and stuff, and she's not really into home teachers and stuff at the present time, but we figured we'd send the sisters over. We were quite sure that the culdesache we were in was in our area... nope.... so, we can't let the Quatama sisters go over, however............ Reedville just got sisters............ :O do you realize what this means?!?!?!?!?! AAAHHHH!!!! Everything played out so perfectly :) and our whole day was like that, we ran into the fence guy again, and he had finished everything, but told us that we could come by and teach him some time, he was open to learning :O so that was a jaw dropper too. And we kept running into members all over the place, including a guy from reedville who is on the high council, and he PAID FOR OUR LUNCH! What a nice guy! We were eating and he brings over our reciept and says: "have a nice lunch, it's on me Elders" and then leaves... we had been talking to him earlier, because he had approached us, but then he did that. What a nice gentlemen. And that night we had a lesson with Miles, and after we finally opened with a prayer, I turned to Hen and said: "I'm ditching the lesson plan, and doing this now." I had planned this lesson, according to what I thought his needs were, but after praying, I had this insanely massive prompting to share this mormon message 3 part series that I had not seen before.... I hadn't seen them! I had only seen the 2nd part, and as it ends up, I didn't know the order, but I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I brought it up and turned it on. It felt so good! I had not seen it, but I really needed that video shown.... It was super cool! And while the spirit was so powerful as we discussed, I'm not really sure of the purpose yet, I think something clicked in the ways of missionary work and Miles regarding a friend of his who is going through rough stuff, but we will have to see, but the feeling was ridiculously powerful! I would say "what was that?" but we all know. But fun fact, Manna means: "what is it?" that is it's translation, so like the manna getting the Israelites through their 40 year trial, the good things we don't notice or can't figure out how it was possible, and we ask: "what was that?" it was obviously the Lord :) It was super cool!

Saturday we got transfer calls, and we were at a baptism for one of Peterson's investigators from his first area. That was cool, but we had learned that he was leaving... :(

So Sunday we packed him up and visited members like crazy to say goodbye! I'd show you my super cool photos, but this computer is being a pansy, so I will figure something out eventually.... hopefully there is a way I can get the SD card hooked up to the Ipad somehow? #firstworldmissionaryproblems #ughlol

Then yesterday he was transferred, and the great Elder Beus came in! It's pronounced like Zeus, but with a B. He seems pretty cool! I haven't even known him 24 hours but he and I get a long super great so far! Well, from my point of view anyways ha! Hopefully everything goes smoothly. He is very smart, and a powerful teacher, and I learned a lot from him in just two lessons yesterday. Especially in how to deal with less actives and members in general. It was sick! We met with Michael's family, and I learned that I had never transitioned into the lesson at their house, but Peterson always did, so it was a rocky transition, but Beus passed the test that Michael's mom and sister presented, but Michael hasn't warmed up yet, and is probably still very mad that Peterson left, so he left towards the beginning of the lesson :P Oh well, he'll come around again. Life has it's ups and downs just like a heart monitor, if it didn't, then you'd probably be dead.

Well, that's about it for the week! I look forward to a great couple transfers with Elder Beus, and I hope that everything goes well with the work!

-Elder Wilkinson

p.s. I haven't been able to get on facebook since Saturday, and even then it was for like five minutes, and so we will log on tomorrow, but I keep hearing that there is a apparently a lot going on with my account? A bunch of pictures or something? Well, I'm not sure how they look, but I hear that I look pretty stupid, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, yeah... who cares ;) #firstworldmissionaryproblemsyetagain #itbuffsout #eldertysonjordansthebomb

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