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Half gear - fixed for mid week! Monday February 17, 2014

Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 5:51 PM
Half gear - fixed for mid week!

Haha, so this past week was pretty cool. Started off slow, our p day
last week was grounded, the snow made it so we technically couldn't do anything, so we basically sat around all day, but it was good to read just letters, write new ones, and email and stuff, so it worked out. We shared the Mormon message Spiritual crocodiles with Michael, and that was super funny. But inspirational too, out of all the analogies we have ever come up with, relating the atonement to crocodile hunting has by far been the weirdest. But it was cool. But I bet you can figure it out :)

Tuesday is a blur.... If I recall correctly, nothing really happened
at all. We went on bishopric visits but other than that.....
Caaaaancel city hahahah.

Wednesday we had a random call from Miles asking if we could go over, and I almost turned my sic Pakistan into an eight pack, because I was laughing so hard! He is hilarious, and his voice hops up an octave when he laughs. I kept making these ridiculous puns. It was great. We had district meeting, and the training and practice was on how to teach using the I pads, so we practiced using them and extended a baptismal challenge. The two sisters running the practice used the video of Jesus Christ being baptized, so I couldn't copy, so.... I grabbed a seemingly random Mormon message that I had never seen, and made it work. It was fun.

Thursday we saw miles again, and taught the family he lives with the Ten Commandments, it was awesome, all over the place, but awesome! But, that morning we learned that the Quatama sisters we're determined to beat us in lessons, and so far we had had like none all week.... So we were just going to let them win, but, it's not a competition at all, it doesn't matter, but we knew that they would run it in, so it gave us the motivation we needed to turn a bad week into a great one, by giving us courage, and because we wee thrusting our sickles with our might, we enjoyed success. We had heard that the sisters had seven lessons on Tuesday, and that was just under what we were for the week, and they did that in one day -_- so we were stressing......... But it worked out just fine. We were full of the spirit and we wanted to work, mad we were blessed. The sisters will need to try harder this week. ;)

Thursday night we learned that an investigator that we only got into
contact with last week is moving, just out of our area, into Orenco
ward. It's a part member family, and the member hasn't been active for awhile. The brother lives with them, and we had am interesting
conversation while moving them out. Because Friday we went by to learn more, era Saturday.... Friday was date of initial contact but anyways, we moved them out this morning.

Sunday was bad, we must have been drugged by a member, because we couldn't stop laughing all day, it was really bad. Very bad..... But again, the laugh was good!

Today, we moved them out ish, and then we went to Kohls, where I found this terrific Charlie Brown shirt for like three bucks! Now, we are at the stake center, we played scatter all, which is like dodgeball, and currently we are playing soccer, with a twist though. We defend a chair, you don't let it get hit, but the rules got changed, so it became pretty ridiculous, so I decided to type this. Ha!

But now I fixed the rules, time for my victory! Good luck!

Love you all, sorry the week was boring hahahaha, but here's to a
cooler week! Peace!

-Elder Wilkinson

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