Friday, August 8, 2014

Follow up, Snow Fight Monday Feb. 10, 2014

Monday Feb. 10, 2014
Follow up, Snow Fight

Same day a second email

So, I forgot to mention this, but we had two super funny things
happen. While we were shoveling the church on Friday, the sister
missionaries ambushed Elder Peterson and came out of nowhere and hammered him with snowballs. For the church shoveling we got to borrow a shovel too, so I ran to the rescue in full snow armor and jumped in me with the shovel, comp unity lol, woulda had to been there.

Secondly, Saturday, when we ran into those people who took the
pictures of me with the broom, they went to the Carstens with us, and when they were leaving, Peterson hit the dad, who is huge, with a Snowball. So they came back, knocked on the door. They wanted to talk to Peterson, to "give him a hug" we knew better, but oh well. I sat down to enjoy the show, and Brother Hopper picks him up and throws him into the snow, and then tackles him. He can't take him, Pete's in need, about to get a face full of snow and the like, and I'm zone out while watching. Sister Carstens yells at me: "Where's the comp unity Wilk??" Then I leap into my boots, which are untied, and charge out into the snow, then right as Pete's about to go down, I nail Brother Hopper, and he falls over, and a brawl occurs. Adam, his son, who just returned from his mission in Brazil, joins the fight. And a tussle occurs. So much fun, and I didn't get shoved into the snow. It's a cool video, I'll need to get a copy, or see if they can upload it if they are not embarrassed lol, but it was fuuuuun! Comp unity #ftw lol anyways! have a great week! My wrestling skills paid off hahaha

-Elder Wilkinson

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