Monday, February 3, 2014

Aloha - The Luau! :) February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

So, this week didn't start out so great. A weekend of cancellations, and Monday, all of our scheduled lessons ended up cancelling... but, somehow, we managed to set a record for our companionship in the number of lessons taught in a week...? Really bizzare! But don't get your hopes up, it wasn't like 35 or whatever they teach in other countries sometimes, but we did manage to meet with 25 people :) Twas splendid! After I emailed home last week, we went with the zone leaders to the stake center and played basketball for awhile, and then, played whats called Scatter ball. Scatter ball is a game similar to dodge ball, but crazy, and free-for-all. That's a lot of fun! And then our day progressed normally, we had dinner with a family whose son just got back from Brazil, so he cooked this Brazilian style dish... that was delicious!

Tuesday is where things started to pick up, we started off the day by going home-teaching with our ward Mission Leader. He teaches a part member family that we meet with frequently, and he also home teaches some inactives in the ward, but it was great to meet with them all. We asked one of his home-teachees if we could start teaching her the discussions to help amplify the spirit in her home (her kids have all fallen away too) and she agreed, she thought it was a great idea, and would try and have her kids there too. My favorite meal I've had out here on my mission, is this dish that the ward mission leader and his wife make. It's nothing too exotic, its just chicken enchiladas, and it's not even authentic style, they don't even wrap anything, just layer it up in the pan. Sounds weird, but oh my word, I don't know what they spike it with, but it is super good! :) I will definitely have to try and get the recipe from them before I leave this area! That night we also met with Robert, who seemed really down in the dumps about something. We had called him to confirm our appointment for wednesday, but he wanted to meet tuesday night as well. We did not have a problem with that. Tuesday's was weird, he was super down-hearted, and expressed his fear in asking his wife to come to the luau, and all other sorts of fears about stuff, and by the end of the lesson, he somehow got the idea in his head that if his wife wouldn't let him come to church, then what good was it gonna do him in meeting with the missionaries... That was pretty sad, because wednesday night we met with him and did family history, and a lady here in the ward is amazing at it, and found so much about his parents and family and such before she even met him. He still seemed troubled, and after the lesson, kept thanking us for all we did, for all the information, and kept thanking us, and then said that he needed to step away for awhile... he dropped us. My heart hit the ground. But you know, they have their agency, but nobody even said a word, just said you're welcome, and that we'll be waiting. It was super heart breaking for me! His wife said she was fine with him coming to meet during the week, but I think the fact that she wouldn't let him come to church really blew him up inside... I hope things change soon. I pray for him, he is a great guy! He knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, and we were getting ready to set a date for baptism, but then Satan got in the way again :P he is so annoying you know? He needs to get over his ego and just go lay down in a hole lol. Anyways, we know he'll be back soon! We hope so anyways :)

Oh, wednesday was pretty funky! We were way up at one corner of our area, just invited people to the luau and stuff, picked up an investigator, had lessons and such, and it was great, but we were NOT looking forward to walking back... Oh my... Well, as we are starting our 30-40 minute walk back, I see this bus coming down the road, and thinking to myself and chuckling I think: "well, wouldn't it be funny if that bus gave us a ride?" I was blissfully laughing at the idea, when suddenly, the bus slows down... and stops right next to us. The driver asks if we are Elders, and if so, where we were headed....? She tells us to get in! WHAT?! Holy mackerel, it was insane! She gave us a ride to the next stop, which ended up cutting our walk in half! So that was super cool! The driver is a lady in the ward, who recently has started coming back to church. There was one other lady on the bus named Emily (we learned that later), she told us her name was Al. She draws comics and stuff, and has had a super hard life! We gave her a pass along card, and I fellowshipped the driver a little bit, and then we went on our way. It was so intriguing... what are the odds that the one time I think: "wouldn't it be cool if x, y, or z happened?" it happened... Mind blowing; hilarious!

We didn't get to meet with Nolan on Thursday to teach the second new member discussion, and he never responded to our texts... I worry about him a lot... Poor guy! Again, our adversary needs to buzz off! Satan, if you are reading this email over my shoulder, know that we are not very happy with you. Go bug someone else, preferably Cain! Shoo! Away!

Overall, interesting day, had a super hilarious lesson with our good ole Buddy Miles! The family was there, and these jokes kept being brought up and stuff, oh man, it was hilarious! (they are all members, but on the member missionary list, so we teach them the discussions to give them a better idea of how to share the gospel, etc.) Oh, and we got these shirts from Eli! Elder Peterson's fits him great, and mine is super ironic! His says: "I work out... just kidding, I take naps" and it's a pink shirt. Lol, it stems from his "exercise" when he lays on the ground and lifts a leg in the air, and practically goes to sleep. It's pretty funny! I got this super neon green shirt that goes perfectly with my shoes, and a pair of socks I have (it's pretty neat) and it says: "I'd flex, but I like this shirt" and the way the shirt is built, you'd almost believe it if you saw me wear it ;)

Friday we got to meet with Cody again! We haven't seen him in a decade, we talked about the plan of salvation, missionary work, and Satan.... it was interesting! We had DLC, which is a meeting for the district leaders in the zone, they get together with the Zone leaders and discuss business and goals and stuff, and afterwards, we went to IHOP, and had all you can eat pancakes. I must say, I put them all to shame! That morning we had had this suuuper intense workout circuit, oh man, it was terrible! We probably lost so much weight in that period of time, which sounds crazy, but true, so I was huuuuuuungry, so, I had 8 pancakes :) double what everyone else had. It was delicious! But, I had forgotten that the family that wanted to feed us dinner that night was also doing breakfast for dinner... -_- the things I forget these days.... but it was good! I got to have waffles!

And I have a random question, but there is a song that I sang in choir years ago that had this line in it: "and as I pass along, I'll sing the Christian song: I'm going to live, forever!" What song is that?!?!?!?

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The Luau! We set up on Saturday for it, and even dressed up Hawaiian-ee for it :) Thanks to Goodwill anyways haha, I'll send pictures, but try not to laugh too hard hahaha, but it was a lot of fun, good food too, and some Hawaiians showed us some Hawaiian dances! So that was cool too! We were originally planning on cooking a pig in the ground, buuut Bishop feared that the kids would be traumatized! We have enough people here who know how to do it, so it wasn't that. But it was a lot of fun! :)

Sunday we gave a lady a blessing because she was sick. We called her, and then I was told to ask her if she wanted a blessing. She said yes, so we told her we'd come over and give one to her. She said: "today?? can't you just give me the blessing over the phone??" -_- granted, she IS a member, but was completely serious... oh well! We explained that we couldn't and went over to do it, but she wanted me to do both the annointing, and the blessing, so that was an adventure! She also interrupted the first part of the sealing to run and use the restroom... never had that happen before either. Hahah, the whole day was exciting! And everything else was good. Fast sunday means crepes! So those were waaay good! :)

Well, that's all I got for you this week! How are things going on your end?

-Elder Wilkinson