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We are all enlisted! For now... Jan. 14, 2014

Jan. 14, 2014

There is a certain arrangement of that song that has been stuck in my head for a loooong time. It's by a group called Lower Lights? Or something like that, I heard it with the zone leaders, and it got stuck in my head...

Anyways, in case you hadn't previously noticed, I didn't email yesterday, with it being transfers, and losing a great deal of the district, we decided to take P-day on Tuesday (today) so we can introduce our new companions and such.

Before I get to this weekend, let's flashback to last... We had a lesson with Michael, and it was very odd and depressing. His family didn't seem to want us there, but he was listening? Idk, total flip flop of emotions. But, the first thing we said when we were about to start our lesson I said: "Today, we are going to perform for you... the cup song" and I pulled out a bunch of cups. And yup, they all groaned lol, but were actually relieved when instead we used to cups to teach the Restoration. Very cool. But the feelings in the room were weird, and a lot of things they said confused me, and the gifts Michael got for Christmas certainly won't be helping him come unto closer to Christ, at all. But take him a lot farther away :/ so that was confusing why Santa would do that, especially after Santa mentioned how the progress and change in him was good :(

Tuesday we did service! Not anything as cool as Braden's rice harvesting or anything. But this lady had a shed that was taking a lot of damage from the rain, and there was a lot of mold and mildew, so, it was our job to clean out the shed, re-organize, then prevent further damage. Well, we only cleaned it out on Saturday (2 saturdays ago) and Tuesday we went to prevent further damage. Well, the problem was a WHOLE lot more than we expected, and through all the rain, and everything else we had to work through, and 3 or so full water-vacs, and a whole yard debris can full of crap, it was finally fixed. We have prevented further water damage by fixing her gutters and restoring the orignal flow of water, now, when it's dry, we'll go over and waterproof the crack inbetween the concrete and the shed, we woulda done it Tuesday, but it was raining. And this was one of the more inspired projects we've done, because on Saturday, it rained SO much. It was insane, this week has just dumped, and if we hadn't have cleaned out the gutters, shed woulda been ruined haha, well who knows, either way, the damage was prevented. That night we had dinner with a family whose son hasn't been to church in years, and has been to mutual once. We had met him before, and typically when he sees missionaries he gets up and goes upstairs (when it comes to dinner, he just wolves it down and leaves), but that night, we got him talking. About what he likes to do, what he wants to go into, and I was able to relate to all of what he said. I got every reference, everything! Elder Wilson Hulme, our days of Runescape paid off ;) and when it comes to his career, a guy we had spoken with a few days previous had the same interest, so I knew a little about that too. Twas good. We went on Bishopric visits that night and saw some people we hadn't seen in a while and got the ball rolling again. My companion and I were split up then. So I was with Brother Carstens. But, earlier in the afternoon, I got a package from GP full of the most beautiful candy assortments! From the popcorn factory!! Woop woop! It is delicious, and yes, I have shared a LITTLE bit, but that's because i don't want to gain TOO much weight from it ;) lol, it's fantastic!

Speaking of exchanges, after district meeting on Wednesday (which was awesome, and President and Sister Morby showed up) my good ole buddy Elder Lewis switched with Elder Peterson for the day, so I showed Elder Lewis around the area, and we spent the day as companions. It was my third exchange, I'm not sure if I mentioned the one the Friday before, but I like exchanges now, I like getting to learn from other missionaries, and I appreciate the added responsibility that seems to rest on me when I suddenly become the only one knowing whats up. The day was crazy though. It was calm at first, not much going on, it rained, so we decided not to tract, but we did do service for a recent convert couple, we sealed a window with two sided tape, plastic, and a hair-dryer, you may know the procedure. Anyways, the day got nuts at dinner. I get a text from one of the priests saying: "Are you guys teaching Robert tonight? He just showed up..." WHAT?! Robert was supposed to text us to set up a time. So while panicing, and knowing that Robert probably assumed we were supposed to meet him, and that we were standing him up. AH! So, we rushed over there, but on the way, I remembered that Robert had mentioned that he had wanted to do family history work this time. !!!! And the Family History center was locked, so we had to find somebody with the keys to open it, and a consultant to help us. Well, luckily everything worked out, and there was mutual, so Robert was able to get to know lots of people while waiting. I wasn't happy that he didn't let us know he wanted to meet on Wednesday, but oh well, I was happy to see him. To make matters worse, suddenly I became everybodys best friend. I got a taste of what district leader is like, as everybody and everybody decided to call and text me, AND Elder Peterson had forgotten to bring the paper with his stake reports on it, and the Zone Leaders didn't want it the previous sunday when we reported stats, so guess who was on the phone for half an hour reading off a report? Yup... yours truly. Either way it was a great day, super stressful, but I never got upset, I was super chill, just rushed!

We had to find a ride back to re-exchange, because the other two elders were too lazy, so I text one of the priests, and knowing that if I asked him for a favor, he would say no, so I said: "Hey, can you drive us to go PICK UP Elder PETERSON from Hillsboro" It wasn't emphasized like that, but what i meant was, that if the text was about Peterson, he would be all over it. So, of course he showed up a few minutes later, and we re-exchanged.

Thursday was good too! We met with the Dornblasers again, and had a lesson and lunch with them, and played a game of dominoes with them too! We also got to teach a man who is just barely coming back to church, and he just barely got his patriarchal blessing a few days ago. We had a powerful lesson with him. He was invited to take the missionary discussions (just about everybody does) so we taught the Restoration. Great day.

Friday we had a huge meeting for the Greenies and their trainers (last one I had to go to as a "greenie") and we learned a lot about using the Book of Mormon and such in our teaching, and it was grand. We also had to practice teaching the Law of Chastity through the Book of Mormon. Hmm... most people referenced Abinidi, with his ten commandments, and while that was good, mine, went deeper. I didn't have the opportunity to practice teaching it there, but on Sunday I got to share some thoughts on my lesson plan, specifically on Alma 39. I decided to use that chapter to help teach because it's Alma talking to his son Corianton. And the poor fellows example prevented a whole city from being converted. :( But it is a chapter rich with truth!

Saturday, we had another exchange... and the Zone leader came here... and this zone leader wasn't exactly my favorite missionary either... he was looking over my shoulder while I was doing anything, and being extremely hypocritical. Oh well, we all have those companions, so if I seemed extra strict and robot-like on Saturday on facebook in my conversations with ya'll, it's because everytime I got a message, he was glued to my screen saying: "Who's your non-member friend? Gospel oriented?! Did you get pres's permission?!" Buzz off! I eventually told him that I KNEW how to use facebook and I KNEW what was appropriate, and eventually his snide remarks stopped. All the while he's talking to other missionaries on facebook... there is a way to use that to help further the Lord's work, but I'm pretty sure they were just chatting... Who knows, either way, it was a semi-rough day. He comes from a family of 17 kids! Wow! His parents aren't members yet! 17 kids, and not Mormon?! No way! ;) It was cool though. And transfer calls came that day, but the only call I got told me that I was not being transferred, and not who was...

Sunday was just a day ripe with meetings... fun stuff, we had about two hours all day where we weren't in a meeting. Hooray! Somehow I stayed optimistic the whole time! :) I loved it, we even got to go to a devotional up at the Visitors Center of the Portland temple. They have a Book of Mormon display that BLEW my mind! And while I tried to figure out how it worked, and I was freaking out, all the Sister Missionaries were laughing at me >:( but eventually I figured it out... after one of them showed me.... but still! I know now!!!! Technology is crazy!!! I was looking and attempting to read the Danish Book of Mormon, obviously attempt is too strong of a word, I was looking at the text inside going: "Wow, I know that 1 means 1!" And maybe I'd recognize the Book it's in due to page number, but nothing made any sense beyond that :)

Monday, was transfers.... My trainer is gone... :'( And of course, a new Elder, Elder Seastrand, is my new companion, but I have a feeling.... not for long.

Before I go any further, I want to express my deepest apologies to you all for letting you all down and embarrassing you. My conduct with this missionary yesterday was not in harmony with one representing the Lord at all. And I may see you in Utah in a few days depending on how my interview with President goes this Wednesday at District meeting. :/

Ok, Elder Seastrand thinks he is the greatest missionary ever. And that he is right about everything and anything under the sun. He gets what he wants, and what he wants, he gets. He decided that upon arriving at the carstens, that he wanted the top bunk, after my stuff was there. He decided that he wanted my side of the closet, and then laughed at my apparently "Ridiculous ties" so, I moved all my stuff. But it went on, he was doing this to irk me, and as "Senior companion" I had to listen. So, after not only switching sides on those, but now I've got the near dead chair and the broken desk, the opposite drawers in the bathroom, I had to move everything, even the dresser drawers! He wanted the bottom two! Come on man, it doesn't make a difference! Well, it did to him apparently.... -_- So you can see at this point, I was pretty fed up with him.... and THEN he decides that we need to switch shelves in the fridge. That, I didn't understand, but apparently "my drinks will freeze if they are on that other shelf" a bunch of bologna, but whatever, the guy has been out for 20 months, two more transfers and he is home, I can deal with this.... I'm patient.... and...... he is huge...

Pretty soon, everything I did and said was his favorite word, a.k.a. ridiculous. He decided to criticize me on everything, and in our lesson with Tyson yesterday, laughed while i was bearing my testimony... Who does that? Either way, and I'll cut to the chase. No need to complain about him, I'm sure there is a lesson to be learned... Well, there WAS one, but I blew it... The reason I mention all these trials he put me through is to let you know that my patience ran thin. He kept insulting my family, my friends, the various pictures and Christmas cards I had, he made fun of the members we live with too! So, last night, I couldn't take it anymore. One day, and I was sick of him. I was seeeeeething! We had just gotten in for the night, it was close to 9:30, and he just gone on his rant/speal (spiel?) about all the girls he's dated (sometimes, I don't know about him...) and then he takes it too far. No need to go into what he said, but I snapped. Biggest embarrassment of my life, but I told him to zip it, and to never speak again, but meaner than that.... and louder...... he wasn't stunned, but he smacked me, and proceeded to try and tell me that I can't tell him what to do. So, I'm ticked, and I get smacked across the face. What do your natural instincts tell you to do? As much as I hate to say this (thank goodness he's too into his emails and whatever else he's doing on the computer) I took a swing at him, and popped him in the jaw... and dislocated it.... hard....... to the point that we had to call Sister Morby to see if we could go to the E.R. because of all blood that was coming out of seemingly nowhere... he was dazed, and he was crying, and I didn't know what to think or do! Sorry seemed too stupid, the only thing to do was get him some help! The Carstens were thankfully home, and drove us to the E.R. and President Morby met us there. While Seastrand was in with the Doctor, Pres pulled me aside... and I told him everything. He was not happy. He said that he had put us two together because he knew how much we could learn and change by being companions, and how Elder Peterson had commended me for my patience, and how if anyone could deal with him, it was me. Seastrand had almost been sent home twice, and had had similar experiences with his previous companions, but Peterson had assured him that i was the right man for the job (thanks for the heads up buddy.....) And now Pres wants to take some action. He was NOT happy that i had done that at all, and the damage to Elder Seastrand's jaw was quite extensive, and nobody had ever done that before. And while we were both in trouble, apparently President is just sick of dealing with him, and if I have a temper like that, I might not be able to be trusted at all as a missionary! WHAT?! He brushed off my story as excuses, and while I'm not proud of what I've done.... perhaps he is right.... should I even be out here?

I've done a lot of reflecting, and after getting home at 11:30 ish last night, I haven't spoken to Seastrand, his jaw is swollen enough that he can't talk anyways. Good! Finally some peace. But i had to show him the schedule for today, and i have to face the district with what's happened... and Pres is going to be there to reprimand/interview me tomorrow to see if I really should be sent home.... What do I do? Nothing, because that story is as bologna as anything else in the whole world! Ha, Elder Peterson is still my companion, and yesterday was a great day! We taught Tyson, and got back on a schedule with him, and our lesson with Michael went amazing! We were pumped, and had terriyaki burgers for dinner, and I've got a picture to send, I'll insert it, but it shows what I did yesterday. We went to the Johnsons house, and cheered them up a bit and shared a message with them, and then I had to ask the daughter, Lucy a question, about something, Lucy is in the picture with me, and I won't tell you what we are doing so it doesn't spoil a surprise, but this picture is so great! Take a look! But we look super good huh? :)

Well anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic week, and I hope you're not too mad at me for the Sea strand story, it's completely made up! i would never be that impatient with a man, and would never hit him in such a way just based on what he said to me haha, I'm waaaaaaay more mature than that! I hope i had you going though... so many people have asked me who my new companion is that i just had to! it's also why I sent this email to a lot of you, so that nobody would spoil it ;)

This will be a great next 6 weeks! A great transfer! I'm pumped, and I look forward to hearing from you all! We are all enlisted, let's be happy about it :)

-Elder Wilkinson

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