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Apostle Time! January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Ok, this week was a little strange! I had my interview with President..... and the verdict is...... I'm good to go! I get to stay out here! ;) Whef, how stressful lol ;) Nah, it was all good! We had zone meeting on Wednesday!

Monday we didn't get to meet with Michael and his family, Michael was out of town, so that was pretty sad! However we did have dinner with a family whose parents are just becoming active again, but their sons are still a no! But, what can you do? Plant seeds! So, I talked with him for a long time! He reminds me of Mikey! Ha, his name is Michael too, his mom calls him Mikey! We talked about a lot of stuff! He brought up anime because of something we were talking about, and got him to open up as we talked about Full Metal Alchemist! Yup Ashleigh, FMA! He's completely opposite of you though, he hates Brotherhood... Ha, it was a good talk! Planted the seed of "missionaries aren't so bad after all" It was good! The two of us had a lot in common and we shared a thought about Enoch, and where he started out, to what he became, all because of faith. It was great!

Tuesday we had the first new member discussion with Nolan! He finally got to hear it! The people who were assigned to help him out and teach them haven't been very diligent, so we took matters into our own hands and scheduled it. Buuut they couldn't go... so we taught the first one! It was good! We had Brayden Johnson with us, and his younger brother Blake! (Yeesh, can you imagine if his younger brothers name was Cutler???) Wow, its pretty insane! We had a busy day that day! Ooops, my bad, that was Thursday... because we had a crazy day that day.... Hmm... Because that night we taught Michael and his family that we couldn't on Monday... so, forget Tuesday, come 2 a.m. I'll randomly wake up and remember what happened then. But we taught Michael and his family. And that didn't go too well... He stayed for awhile, but his mom and him had a disagreement, and he ended up leaving :P Oh well, still a great lesson! Best part of the night though, has to do with Zone meeting on Wednesday. So, in zone meeting, we were learning about how important teaching with the Book of Mormon is, so, we had to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ (third lesson) WITHOUT the Book of Mormon, then with it. I must say, the example didn't teach me much! I didn't learn a whole lot from it either.... because I owned it in the Bible. Used Isaiah and Mark and all sorts of things! It worked wonderfully! My companion that I had at the time, bless his heart, was struggling a bit. When one of us would try to transition to the next step, they wouldn't. It wasn't very organized... So, then came the Book of Mormon one. I then realized that my interview with pres was just a few minutes away..... so of course i zone out and start stressing "what is going to happen" lol, but my companion for the practice was trying to use an analogy of Football to go with the Gospel. It started off good, but he lost control quickly and the analogy blew up in his face. I tried to salvage it, but the ship went down, but I did manage to get us aboard a life boat, because it still ended good, but the part that is important is the Football analogy. I'm not sure if you remember, but there was a time when we went to go teach Michael (the Michael on Mondays) the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with an object lesson with 3 knives and 3 cups, well, before we even started, he grabbed it all, set it up, explained to US what it was, what it meant, and even kicked it down to make a point and then dramatically exited, then came back laughing. We were stunned.... So, if you remember that story, then this one builds on it. Knowing Michael's expertise on that lesson, AND his immense knowledge and passion for football. Whilst leaving his house on Thursday, I called him out of his room to explain my dilemma. I explained how the zone meeting went and bless the elders heart, how the analogy failed, and asked if he could help us! We told him why he was qualified, and he laughed at the memory, and half agreed to it. So, we will get him to do it, by telling him what it needs, then he will have to research to figure it out, and a fire may be kindled... as we left, his window was open, and we knew it, but he didn't know that we knew it. He was second level ignorant about the window, he didn't know that he didn't know that we knew that the window was open ;) anyways, while leaving I said (louder than a whisper, so he could hear, but very discreet) "You know, Michael is the best guy for the job, he can come up with one WAY better than you or I, Elder Peterson!" Booyah Grandma!

Friday we went to the Temple in honor of Rebekah Glew's birthday! Well... maybe.... but it was time for our quarterly visit as a district... so that may have had a little to do with it.... Happy Birthday Rebekah, thanks for the All-expenses paid Temple trip, Happy Birthday! Thanks for the gift ;) lol, but.... OH MAN THAT WAS COOL! They changed the video again, and I love this one! Obviously pros and cons, but it's not very cheesy! El Scroge' yes! :) We went to Changs Mongolian grill after that, and due to peer pressure, I just about ate my bodyweight in food.... Ugh, and nobody had signed up for dinner that night, so we figured we wouldn't eat... Nope! The Sister in charge of the calender said that she and her husband would take us out to eat! They took us to this Mexican restaurant, and it was super good. The pictures made the food look small, and I said: "Oh, that looks small, I'll get that" -_- it was the biggest burrito I've ever seen in my life.... and guess who finished his plate??? This kid. Holy Moley, it was terrible ;) Tasted great though! It's a good thing we go running in the Morning now AND work out with Eli, our Marine guy. It's pretty great, mornings are rough with all the exercise, but it feels amazing! And I love it, so that food we ate Friday won't last long! Hot dog!

Saturday was boring.... We went to a church at nine a.m. Left at 8.... ugh. And guess what we had to go hear???? Yeah, Elder Christopherson came to speak to the mission... Hahahaha, pick up your jaws! IT WAS AWESOME! We got to shake his hand and everything, and after his and everybodys talks, he opened it for Q&A and we asked him if he had met the 3 Nephites! HE SAID YES!!!!! Ahh, and that he had even met John the Revelator! But that we couldn't tell anybody that, and couldn't email a....bout.... it..... uuuuh-oh.... Awkward.... ;) just kidding, we didn't ask any of that, he starts out by saying: "Don't ask me anything about the 3 Nephites, they never call, they never write...." It was hilarious. What a great guy! He brought such a powerful spirit into the room and uplifted and inspired us all! Don't worry, it wasn't a chastisement, but encouragement! We are doing well! And we will get I-pads come February 4th! We are such a spoiled mission :P Sheesh! Oh well, what to do, what to do.... apparently it makes the planners a lot harder.... but the i-pads sync up, so it makes transfers easier! You don't get to take the I-pad home with you, but you do keep it for the duration of your mission. It'll be cool, but no 4g, strictly Wi-fi hotspots, so that'll be rough... ;) lol.

So, we went hometeaching with a guy in the ward yesterday, and the lady he hometeaches had a bunch of ribs broken. And after she explained all of that, he was about to ask her how everything else was... but felt dumb so he told a joke, he said: "You know, I would ask how everything else is going, but I heard something the other day, a joke about Mrs. Lincoln, President Lincolns wife, and how people asked her: "So, besides all that, how was the play?"" Good Ghandi! (That's my phrase Braden!!! ;) lol) So it was pretty humorous, but laughing hurts her so.... he failed there? Lol, it was great :)

Hmm, Monday (today) we went to Goodwill this morning to go shopping, and found some sick stuff for the Luau this weekend. Unfortunately, Elder Peterson will look WAY better than me, but I will still have fun lol! I decided to get shorts and sandals, and he went the long tan pants with some sick shoes. However, while i was there I saw a leather jacket... oh boy! If there's one thing I've ever wanted, it's a leather jacket hahaha, so, I went and put it on, genuine leather, everything! mmmmmm! But it was 25 dollars. For those of you who don't know good will, it's like D.I. everything is way downpriced and donated, so 25 is a steal for it. It was fantastic! Gray, and looked amazing on me! Whef, it was close, buuut I found a black jacket which was not quite leather, but was 6 bucks haha, and as I was purchasing, I found out that if it had a green tag on it, it was half off, so half the stuff I got ended up being half off. Score! I hardly spent any money :D So, I got this sweeeeet leather (ish haha) jacket for 3 bucks! Yeah man! But, I won't wear it to the Ward Luau.... but it's still cooooooool! :)

That's about it! One last thing, Elder Christopherson said that "no effort is wasted, a seed is planted, whether in them or you" or something good happens, whether in you or them. Something along those lines. So that was comforting. Well, I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Wilkinson

P.s. this lady in the neighborhood's house is terrorized by stray cats, so she starting setting traps (calm down, just puts them in a cage as it lures them in, no harm ever occurs) And then she gives the cats to a shelter who find them owners, because she hates cats hahaha, but it's so funny, she is always taking a cat to the shelter, because they terrorize her dog too. If they had collars, she'd return them to their owners, but these are legit strays... poor things, they look so scared when we help load them into the car. Anyways, if only she loved cats, she could totally be one of those cat ladies hahha, so cool! :)

p.p.s. Oh for Petes Sake, it's not 2 a.m. but I remembered! Most of Tuesday was service! We painted and painted, vacummed and sealed windows, tinted them, replace sealings on doors, painted ceilings, AND did a lot of yardwork, trimmed bushes, pulled stumps, eliminated ground cover, and raked. So hardly any work compared to the Rice Fields of Cambodia! But it was a good time, at least 4 hours worth, so still, was good. There was also a High Priest game night that we got one of our investigators to go to. Wasn't quite the turnout we expected, but it was fun! Our good ole friend Sister Dornblaser finally decided to come to 1 o clock church, the spanish ward actually was in spanish she found out (who would thunk???)

Ok, that's all for my week :)

-Elder Wilkcity!

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