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You're a mean one, Elder Grinch December 16, 2013

Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 12:54 PM

Yup, it's official, I am going to be singing my Parody of You're a mean one Mr. Grinch at the Mission wide talent show this upcoming week. It is due to the efforts of my companion, and the Carstens, and the surprising encouragement I got from other missionaries (both in the mission and abroad). The Carstens printed out the lyrics for me so I remember the whole song, and I'm still in the process of re-writing it. And despite this humidity, I still can sing as low as normal, my talking pitch is the only thing that has suffered haha! :)

So, first off, to get the ball rolling we met with Michael! Woop woop! (<---- we say that all the time now, it's terrible) We shared a very very touching message which was really sad, but powerful, and I talked about my mom, and Elder Peterson talked about his friend, and we shared a mormon message. It was really inspiring too. The daughter's boyfriend was there, and they were talking while we were and much to our astonishment, Michael would turn to them and say: "Shut up, the missionaries are talking!" Stunned us all that he was rooting for us. That kid I tell you... there was a moment that the couple was talking, that Elder Peterson was talking to the mom, and I was doing nothing, so in a fake whisper I called out to michael, and asked if he played video games, he said a little, so I asked him which ones, then I told him that there was a video game party on Wednesday night, and asked if he wanted to come, he asked when and where and I told him, and I also told him that we'd pick him up. He agreed to come, then learned it was for mutual, but still was ok with coming. It was crazy! We saw them again tuesday night while caroling (we went around to houses in the ward and caroled with some families, so funny, I'll get to that in a second.) So, back to Michael on Tuesday, we knocked on the door, he opened it and we started singing, and he slammed the door. HAHAHAHAHA, oh man, but then 5 seconds later, his mom re-opened the door and we sang to them. Typical Michael, so funny, it set everyone off so we all forgot the words to frosty the snow man *awkward* but we reminded Michael about Wednesday, and he was still game to come. Cool! Ok, more on the caroling, so the family we were with is hilarious. Oh man, their kids are amazingly crazy but funny. You'll have to ask me about some of the things they say in a separate email. But anyways, the dad was so scroge cold that he was hardly singing, so while singing Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer, all the little echoes I would say: "Brother Harris!!" It was hilarious. I even sang at this grouchy man's door like Elmo, man oh man, the two non-members caroling with us got a kick out of that! It was a great week, slow, but good!

AH! I'm low on time, time to type faster haha, sooooooo, Wednesday was the Young Men's Video Game night. Do not get your knickers in a bunch, we didn't play for Pete's sake, nor watch, but we got both Michaels (Michael fromMonday hadn't been to mutual for years, and hates the ward, but somehow agreed... whaaaa?!) there, Justin, and Nolan. That's 3 inactives and one investigator who SET HIS DATE FOR BAPTISM FOR THE 28TH OF THIS MONTH! WOOP WOOP! That was great! Tuesday afternoon he interrupted our commitment for baptism with a YES. It was awesome, we still finished our whole statement and he kept saying it. the 28th is also his birthday, so after-party FTW. Hahaha, what a great guy! They brought Brawl to Mutual, and I explained the controls to Michael before we got there. (yeah, we didn't drive him, our ride dropped us off and left, so we had to walk Michael to mutual.... -_-, hilarious) That is a long story, but it was a great fellowship activity, and Eli told Michael that he was giving him (Michael) a ride home. The Priest's quorum in this ward is amazing. Is was great!

Thursday was my birthday, surprise surprise :) And it was magnificent! I had made a mention to Elder Peterson which Sister Carstens overheard about my birthday. But one sec-- so at 12:01 a.m. Thursday morning, we wake up to a "Happy Birthday Wilkcity" from Elder Peterson. How did we manage to awake at that time is beyond me. But we were asleep again soon after. But Wilk-city seems to be the nickname the ward has given me. Yeesh lol, it's great :) But, when I went to go eat Breakfast I found a display on the table wishing me a Happy Birthday from the Carstens. That was great! Sister Carstens also called ahead to our dinner appointment and told them (I didn't know this) So we walk up to the doorstep and the door opens "automatically" and we walk in, and seemingly out of nowhere a million kids erupt from the furniture screaming "Surprise!" And Sister Barnes even made me a cake :') Awh, it was truly marvelous. If you want more on the actual day, hit me up in an email. After dinner we went and helped make those huge snowflakes. We were there for hours, because they had a million to make, but we only make 53... they had already made like 200... so, guess who hung them up at the ward Christmas party??? Yup, the Elders.... meaning me and Elder Peterson. What fun it was going up and down a ladder a million times. We spent so much time helping for that party, such a blast!

Friday we arose early and went to go help cook for the party on saturday. We cut so many onions, my companion and the Chef were contacts, not me, so I was crying like a baby after 10 minutes (we cooked and stuff for about 2 hours then, did a bunch of turkey stuff too). Hilarious. Ha. Friday we also got to have dinner with an investigator, set up by our very own Sister Fields! Hoooray! What a great missionary! (Ward Missionary) and Nelson, the husband is a Muslim, but he believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ. No way! It was awesome! More on that next week! But He had this vision about Jesus before he believed in him, and it was insane. It sounds crazy, but the spirit was there. So definitely legit, ish anyways, at least it built all of our faith. If you want more info on that, send me an email too. Ha, if you have any questions at all, email me :) We went shopping this morning, and are going the Nike store at noon, so we have less time today, so I'm sorry this won't be as long, I'll fill in the blanks next week because I'll start with this email...

Buuuuuuuut guess what?! I got a birthday package on Friday! Hooray for a belated package :) Elder Peterson got his Christmas package while I got my birthday one. Funny! We were both opening them at the same time when the Sister missionaries showed up to take Sister C's to a lesson, and they were sups jealous! The jacket is amazing, so warm, but yeah, so thin, AND waterproof, woop woop! And the gloves are perfect, so stylish, and warm, total secret agent thing going on!! And Jessica sent me some sweat pants and cupcakes (Jessie's was actually on Thursday). Truly great week. I love you guys! I have so many letters to write today and people to get back to it's insane, thanks for all the support! And dad, thanks for the MoTab CD's, they are great! Overall, a long and hardworking week, but marvelous in every sense of the word. My family and friends made that week great. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! I am now the ripe old age of 19 ;) wow, what a shocker right there, I think I heard my back creak a little bit! ;)

7 a.m. Saturday morning began the long day of setting up for the party and all the cooking. Didn't stop til the party started. We even got to practice our song: "Come into the water" that the 4 missionaries sang there. Great day, long, but great. So much cooking, and I got a lot of crap for being left handed. "Can't trust a lefty with a knife" "can't trust lefties at all" But it was all fun and games, especially because I showed them all up! I was cutting like a maniac with a knife as sharp as a samurai sword, 15 degree blade (can't remember samurai swords exactly, but the knives we used were 15, because we were working with a professional cook), most sharp sharp knifes are 22 or something... Party was great, and we taught a very heart-warming Christmas story to some kids after the party but right before the end of the night. Adorable, and almost brought tears to my eyes. The kids we taught are going through such a hard time right now. It's really sad. But they rejoiced in the message we shared, and uplifted and inspired us. It was crazy!

I pray for all of you, and I love you all so much :) I hope you have the greatest week you could possibly have!

This mission is like a Marvel movie, but it's not fiction :)

-Elder Wilkinson

Merry Christmas! :D

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